Silently Lost

  We had been married for 6 glorious weeks when I began spotting. This was extremely abnormal for me and the only answer I could find on google was ‘implantation bleeding’. I knew however that it should not be possible for me to be with child; we had been careful.  In the two weeks that... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Loss: Tammy’s Story

Today  I share this for you; you who have sat in an emergency room and heard the sound of no heart beat fill the room; those who have grieved the loss of a child and felt so alone and like no one understood. I share it for those of you who may feel guilty for... Continue Reading →

Korina’s Story. Part 2

Fast forward 9 months. Life had seemed to become a bit more normal and I felt excited when I thought about the possibility of becoming pregnant again. We really didn’t know how long it would take for me to conceive, since I only had one fallopian tube left and no way of knowing when I... Continue Reading →

Korina’s Story

I have learned to kiss the waves that throw me against the Rock of Ages ~ Charles Spurgen        If I had been holding the pen that wrote my story, I am sure that I would have written it differently; for if it were my choice I would not have included so many... Continue Reading →

No Small Sorrow.

She was petite, and garbed in surgical scrubs. She came in holding a clipboard and there was a visable kindness in her eyes. "We found a sack and an embryo with no heartbeat... I'm so sorry for your loss." And in that moment of grievous truth God carried me. What the Word says in Isaiah 63:9 became... Continue Reading →

Is Jesus Worth It?

My daughter is a rather emotional person; I think it has something to do with the fact that she's a female. Lately though, I have seen deep sadness in her eyes as she talks about missing her best friend's birthday party. Missing that, causes her as much pain as when I think about missing my... Continue Reading →

When family comes to visit

This past week we were blessed to have my sister and Daniel's brother, who are married to each other,  come stay with us for a short three days. The children are all very close to each other and they played non stop with complete delight in each other. Visits from family are so wonderful, and... Continue Reading →

Mountain Trip

Last Friday we went with the students and staff of EI bible school on a field trip into the mountains. The scenery was breathtakingly stunning! Of course photos don't do it justice but I still tried... I hope you enjoy them : )

Life in the Desert

*This whole post was written this past winter (2016), and I have now finally had the nerve to hit the publish button : ) Today I want to share with you something that I have been struggling with since we moved back to Canada. When we were in Bolivia life was incredibly hard for me.... Continue Reading →

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